Taming Best Buy

Each time I go to my local Best Buy, I end up checking out at Customer Service instead of the Cashier. Why? Because Best Buy’s corporate ‘on sale’ items change too quickly for the local stores to keep up. So, when I am shopping for items Best Buy may carry I always check their website for sales and specials. And, the fun really starts when the local store has not taken the deep discount sign off an item no longer on sale. Here’s how to make sure you get the best bang for your buck:

  1. Decide to buy a toy
  2. Check Best Buy’s website to see if they carry it at a great price
  3. Check the website to see if your local store has the item in stock
  4. Write down the item title, model # and SKU
  5. Head to to your local Best Buy
  6. Find the item and grab one off the shelf
  7. Look around to see if there might be a better value staring straight at you with a forgotten sale sign.
  8. If you end up with:
    1. Your researched item with the correct sale price – head to the cashier
    2. Your researched item with a higher price – head to customer service and tell them the price on the website is lower. They will ┬ácheck the website to confirm and then you can make your purchase at the sale price.
    3. A similar item at a huge discount – note the marked sale price and head to the cashier. The item most likely will not ring up on sale. Be sure to pay attention and advise the cashier of the marked price on the shelf.

That’s it! Over 80% of the time, I save money. My biggest score so far was $220 in savings. Had I just gone to the store and looked around I would have never known…