Robin at CRD Iowa Hello there! My name is Robin Mastro. And, after years of providing technical support for a local internet service provider, I decided a need existed for basic, no frills, down-to-earth help for people struggling to make new technology work for them. In response, I formed Ageek Company. For 13 years, Ageek Company operated out of my home and provided on-site support in Iowa City and the surrounding area. Now, in 2016, Ageek Company has been transformed into the Computer Repair Depot of Iowa with a new brick & mortar location at 2212 North Dodge St in Iowa City.

And, here, I shift my pronouns because Computer Repair Depot has become a family affair.

Our mission remains the same: to help you get benefits rather than frustrations from the technology available today. Whether you are an individual who can’t seem to get that dang computer to do what you want or a business in need of a way to network your systems for greater efficiency we’re here to provide support and expertise.

Please call if you have a technical problem you’d like to chat about: